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“El Mangle Rojo” (The Red Mangrove)           2016

The Mangrove is one of the most important, if not the most important, of the elements of the ocean’s eco system.  It is where live begins because is the safe haven for many spices to lay egg away from predators.  Mangroves are rich, lively, varied and home for sea animals, micro organisms, birds and plants.  It was also a safe haven for seamen.  The Great-Grandfather of the artist was a schooner Captain that sailed cargo around the Caribbean.  Sailing was his livelihood and whenever there was a big storm or a Hurricane coming and they needed to protect their ships, otherwise lose everything.  He would mention often that the place that was the safest, wasn’t at se or even at the dock, the safest place was the Mangrove, The Red Mangrove (“El Mangle Rojo”). 
Mixed Media on Plywood

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