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The shapes and colors of each of the prints are matching and when put together they create a happy and colorful mood.  Frame them and shuffle them to your taste.  With this limited offer, you can purchase the full collection and enjoy a package discount.

1. “Y por fin amanece”  (Dawn at Last)      2016
Even though it was painted in 2016 it exemplifies the spirit of the people from Puerto Rico when facing adversity such as the aftermath of Hurricane “María”.  It is inspired in the waking hour of the rural landscape.  After a long night of worries and tribulations that appears endless.  Gets darker by the minute, and then, just after the darkest hour…its Dawn at Last (“Por fin Amanece”).                           
2. “La Casita de la Villa del Parque”  (The Parkville Home)     2016                             
Inspired by the story of beautiful home of Arq. Otto Reyes and wife Vionette Veray.   Art lovers and collectors that have lived in the same house for over 50 years.  Otto’s passion for art and design talent were all evident in their home renovation several years ago.  A house that stands out in a very humble kind of way.   Retaining the strong bones and respecting the look and feel neighborhood; this home blends a sutil plantation look along with trees, wood, stones, art. The artist depicts in this painting elements of the house, it’s owners, and the neighborhood into The Parkville Home (“La Casita de la Villa del Parque”)
3. “Faros de Esperanza” (Light Houses of Faith)      2017      
Another work inspired by vision and Hope.  Before modern navigation, sailors depended on reliable signs to recon their way to shore.  Light houses were one of the first constructions erected by Spaniards in the coastlines throughout the Caribbean.  Cross Atlantic navigation was risky and dangerous. At night they were guided by the stars and the moon often facing life threatening challenges such as thick cloudy skies, storms, coral reef areas..  With no GPS, they relied on the vigilant watching from the top of the mast. Hoping and Praying on hope was hearing the vigilant’s call: “TIERRA” (Land) when seeing for the first time the light coming out of the Light Houses of Faith (“La Casita de la Villa del Parque”).
4. “El Mangle Rojo” (The Red Mangrove)           2016
The Mangrove is one of the most important, if not the most important, of the elements of the ocean’s eco system.  It is where live begins because is the safe haven for many spices to lay egg away from predators.  Mangroves are rich, lively, varied and home for sea animals, micro organisms, birds and plants.  It was also a safe haven for seamen.  The Great-Grandfather of the artist was a schooner Captain that sailed cargo around the Caribbean.  Sailing was his livelihood and whenever there was a big storm or a Hurricane coming and they needed to protect their ships, otherwise lose everything.  He would mention often that the place that was the safest, wasn’t at se or even at the dock, the safest place was the Mangrove, The Red Mangrove (“El Mangle Rojo”). 
5. “El Rafteo” (The Boat Rafting)                       2017
Life at the beach is not only relaxing, but also fun.  Among the many beautiful beaches of the Caribbean, many are located in small keys “islotes” along the coastlines.  Marinas, sailboats, charters and pleasure boats are abundant.  Boat owners are passionate, happy and friendly.  They flock to nearby keys to anchor their boats together with the boats’ stern facing the beach.  Often times they get together; friends and family move from one boat to the other, enjoy dancing, music while floating around in The Boat Rafting (“El Rafteo”). 
6. “Entre Saltos, Cuevas y Caña”                    2017
(Between Waterfalls, Caves and Sugar Cane)
The joy and beauty of the rural countryside is absolutely breathtaking.  Astonishing views of the mountainside with a particular color pallet that blends the deepest of the green hues with ocre, burnt siena, yellows with the blue skies.  It ranges from the sublime, peaceful to the fun and exciting when you are Between Waterfalls, Caves and Sugar Cane (“Entre Saltos, Cuevas y Caña”)
7. “Entre Adoquines y Copas” (Between Cobblestones and Wine Glasses)   2016
This diptych painting is nspired by the vibrating soul of the old city.  It is where the old and the new share a common space where magic takes place.  The fun, the music, the unique camaraderie takes center stage as participants enjoy like there is no tomorrow. The happy vibes of the old cities is powerful and unique; regardless if in  Cuba, Dominican Republic or San Juan. A relaxing excitement thrives Between Cobblestones and Wine Glassess (“Entre Adoquines y Copas”). 

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