Every Rafi Moreno piece is unique, original, one-of-a-kind and authentic. Each is personalized and registered. The artwork portrayed in this web site is mostly privately owned. Proud owners and collectors have graciously agreed to share pictures of their art.

A Rafi Moreno artwork will make a BOLD, sophisticated, eloquent and beautiful statement in your home or workplace.

Mr. and Mrs. Abel De Varona

Mr. and Mrs. José Rodríguez

Mr. and Mrs. Ilde Torres

Mr. and Mrs. José Enrique Fernández

Mr. and Mrs. Giovanni Picorelli

Mr. and Mrs. Simón Devarieux

Ms. Carolina Moreno

Ms. Sofia Moreno

Mr. and Mrs. Miguel Simonet

Mr. and Mrs. José Dueño

Mr. and Mrs. Jorge Montané

Mrs. Marieliz Alvarado, MD

Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Ward

Ms. Isabelle Moreno

Mr. and Mrs. Luis Pérez