La Mesa está Servida


Insinuation is my favorite subject of painting. Curiosity provokes a personal, fun and intriguing relationship between the audience and the painting.

Color Mad I


This is the most exciting experience.  The process of the abstract painting is intense and excruciating since there are no rules and no sense of direction.  Constructing, destroying, getting inspired, constructing again…many times.

Ciudad Divertida


Special landscapes and cityscapes provides me a theatrical representation of life and beauty. With it I  play with the elements to create a new reality that portrays a specific mood and a new sense of reality.

Welcome Home


When creating a piece with a social subject in mind I always intend to better the lives of others in a positive way.  Like to provoke critical thought and call to action; have it become a spark for change.

My art is intended for people who know exactly what they want.

Live balance comes as a result of the clash of contrasts and I enjoy battling with them.

Passion for the exciting and the sublime inspires my work.

Is funny how shapes, strokes and colors that appear to be so different and disimilar, when they get together they coexist and collaborate beautifully.

I am from the color palette is colorful all the time.

Art and the space in which is located must become one; some times art is the feature of the space, sometimes silent and reflexive, but always present.

Audience Is Important To Me

I paint whenever inspiration kicks in; and when it does, the visual picture becomes very clear in my mind.  But even though I create based in the inspiration, I try not to get too carried away with a concept without thinking...